What Do I Do Now?
Frequently Asked Questions?
  • How do I become a part of Kingdom Churches?
    • Just click here and one of our pastors will reach out to you shortly.
  • How do I decide which ministry to attend?
    • All of our churches are lead by great leaders, however you could choose a ministry that is close to where you live. Find A Church.
  • What do I wear?
    • None of our churches have a dress code. You will notice people wearing suits, jeans, khakis, shorts, etc. God doesn't look on the outward appearence he looks on the heart.
  • Is there anything for kids?
    • We believe children are the future gospel carriers of tomorrow. We strive to teach them kingdom principles so they can be prepared to navigate this world.
  • I need to talk with someone, what do i do?
    • You can call the "throne room" and one of our prayer counselors will be glad to talk with you.