Welcome to [Kingdom Churches]!

A few pastors came to me and asked if I would provide spiritual covering for their ministries. After seeking direction from God, my wife Tamara and I were instructed to start a fellowship where individual ministries could come together and train the people of God on how to walk in kingdom purpose. That was the beginning of Kingdom Churches.

We are honored and grateful to serve with such powerful men and women of God. As you browse this website you will come to discover what we are about, Kingdom Purpose.

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and want to connect with one of our Kingdom Churches to learn how to walk with kingdom authority, click here and one of our pastors will help you fulfill the plan God has for your life.

If you are a pastor who would like to become a kingdom leader or would like training with other pastors who are walking in kingdom purpose, click here and I will reply as soon as possible.   

Thank you,

Vernon and Tamara Matthews

Founders, Kingdom Churches